Sunday, January 6, 2013

(Recipe) The Chuz I

The Chuz I is a Chicken Noodle created by Uz, the Mouse. This recipe is very popular in the Chuz Family. It's a simple and quick recipe which is suitable for almost people, especially someone who is really busy or lazy.

The Ingredients: (Serves 4)

- 1 pack of chicken breasts or wings (about 500gr)
- Bok Choi or Chinese Cabbages
- 1 pack of vegan noodles or egg noodles (200gr)
- Soy Sauce, seasoning powder, Knorr, salt, pepper, fish sauce,...

The Preparation:

The Chicken
Wash the chicken

Slice into bite-size pieces

Separate the meat and the bones
In a pan, add 2 tbspoon oil

On medium heat, add the chicken

Add Knorr

Seasoning with 1 teaspoon soy sauce

Add 1 tbspoon Chicken seasoning powder

Stir for 10 minutes and turn the heat off

 The Noodles

Unpack the Noodles

Bring the water to a boil

Pour the boiled water in the pot and turn the heat on high

Stir to prevent sticking

Turn the heat off when the bubbles appeared

Prepare a drain

Drain the noodles

Add cold water

Let the excess of water goes off

Serve in bowls

The Vegetables
Wash the vegetables of your choice

Bring water to a boil

Add the vegetables and steam for 5 minutes

The Soup
Add the bones in a pot

Boil 1.7L water

Add water and turn on medium heat

1 tbspoon Knorr

3 tbspoon Soy sauce

2 tbspoon Fish Sauce

1 tbspoon Vegetable Soup Seasoning Powder

Taste and seasoning if needed
The Result:
In a bowl, serve the noodles, the chicken and the vegetables

Add the soup

You can use any kind of vegetables of your choice

Bok Choi goes great with this recipe too

Stir fried Bok Choi or Chinese Cabbage is accepted

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  1. yummy yummy <3 It's a simple recipe I ever seen, let's cook for me


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