Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I have my hair cut!

I took mama to the hairdresser in district 6. It was such a long journey from our little home. The bad news is I filled up the tank yesterday. So mama didn't have to pay for it this morning. The good news is, my hair turned out pretty nice. I guess...

Here's the final hair look like:
My Curly Hair

This has become the most surprised style ever. Since I tried to grow my hair as long as possible, it has ended up into straight hair. I love curly hair and I always want my hair to be so. But during high school, mama didn't let me do anything to my hair. When I finally left high school, I dyed my hair red and it actually became brown. Well, I let my hair grow a little bit and cut and grow and cut... The circle goes. 

Today, everything's changed. I have my hair cut and have it curled. It will remain those curls for at least 6 months. The price was quite cheap, only 12.5$. Due to my mom experience, this hairdresser is the best. Not only the price, but also the result. This is my first experience of this hairdresser, I just hope everything would turn out well. 

My hair is curly now. I should buy some new products to give my hair such good care. I should also plan a hair routine so that my hair won't get dry or damaged. For the next 3 days, my hair will change again and the final hair style will come to me. Can't wait to see it. 

Me sitting in the hairdresser

This is the new me!!

And A Bonus Picture of the Casual Uz:
Taking funny photo again!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Passing By (A Novel) by Daikon

7Club – Tori’s Group
Passing By

Because Everything is Endless…
When Time is Everlasting…
For Love is Permanent.

* Daikon *

The Sea, The Sand and The Stone
Here the story goes, a Crystal Stone embraced his Purple Sand with all the heart of his, in the sound of an old lullaby near the peaceful shore. When the sun rose up with the heave billows, the Stone slowly loosed his arms to let his beloved Sand observe the wide ocean but carefully not to lose her. He went crazily selfish wanting her to stay forever by his side.

The Tough Sea dashed in the shore, pushed away the Stone. It took the Sand with it on the journey to the Sea. Far from home, the Sand wonder would she be happy without her Stone? Because in the middle of the Sea, that tiny Purple Sand was nothing as if it had always been the Sea’s long term love game. The Sea came and suddenly took her away from the Stone but just before she could touch the bottom of the ocean, the Sea quickly sent her back to the shore. The Sand was back to where she’d started.

There’s one thing the Stone would never know unless his selfishness disappeared. His Sand wanted to be out there, where the whole world had just begun. She wanted the billows to take her to where miracles stops, the place which couldn’t be brought to her if she chose to stand still. The Stone was in the battle of his heart beats when the Sea tried to take his Sand one more time. That had become the wake up call.

The war between the Tough Sea and the Crystal Stone came to an end following one simple rule: Little Strokes Falls Great Oak. The Stone had lost his beloved Sand. The Sea proudly took his Sand and brought her to the ocean. But the Sea was Endless, wherever the Sand goes, she always found the way back to the shore. Time passed by but not the love for the Sand, standing the Stone waiting forever. That love is Permanent. Only the Sand could have been changed. 

And she came back from the Sea. Her Stone would smile and embrace her as if there were nothing happened. The Sea didn’t send any of his billows dashed in the shore. It’s finally come to the moment when the Sand realized what’s in her heart.

Once upon a time, there was lying a broken hourglass in the sand near the very tough sea.  As if, it was how the sand protected her Permanent Love.

Merry Christmas Birthday!

Merry Christmas Bithday Epigto!

Monday, December 24, 2012

What I've got for my 18th Birthday and Christmas from my BFFs

December 18th is my birthday. I'm eighteen years old now and what does that mean? It means I can get my motorbike driver license, I can get married, I can go to bar and club, I can drink alcohol, I can have a job,... How amazing!!!

On Wednesday, when I arrived at Moo Moo home, she gave me a present that I would be absolutely love. Here it is, a Maybeline Baby Lip Balm, colour Pink. I didn't believe how she could buy me such an expensive gift like that. But she did.
Maybeline Lip Balm
I don't often use cosmetics so I only have some. I've got a hot pink lipstick and an orange lip butter. This Lolita Pink is so Unique. I would love to try it on then I think I should save it until Tet Holidays. I'm afraid that it could be used up very fast. Right? Every girl should use lip balm everyday to keep their lips soft and attractive.  Hehe!!!

And for Christmas, Moo Moo gave me this nourishment cream. I love Moo Moo. I should have a skincare routine.
Dove Nourishment Cream

My beloved BerryChan gave me a RING for Birthday!!!! :O I was like :O:O:O:O:O:O. She also gave me a bow as a Christmas Gift, I mean a little bow to put on your hair. I asked her whether she would propose me or I would say yes. We both laughed so hard. The teddy with the crown on his head makes this ring look so cute. I don't often wear jewelry either, I'll keep it in my safe and only wear it on special occasion.
BerryChan proposed me!!!

Teddy Ring & Hair Bow
I've been loving those bows for years but never bought one. Because I didn't want to waste any money buying things which I can make my own. However, I don't even make one for myself. Berry knew that, so she gave me a bow for my Birthday. Hopefully the bow won't come off when I wear.

Epigto is rich this year, I guess. She bought me a pink purse for Birthday and a pocket size massager. The best thing about the purse is that it was a limited edition. You know how I love limited edition things. Now my cards have a sweet home.
Pink Wallet
USB Mini Massager

 Okay, last year Moo Moo gave me a massage pen to use on my face. This year, Epigto gives me a mini massager. Am I that old? >:P This massage cup has a very special position, it makes Upin laugh all day. How wonderful is that.

I received two Christmas and Birthday cards from my BFFs. I also uploaded a Merry Christmas Card to all my friends. Happy Holidays, guy!!!

Merry Christmas my BFFs

Merry Christmas BerryChan, Epigto & La Vache Quirit

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Elegant Eighteen Birthday Party!

It was amazing. The gourmet dinner, the outfits, the decoration,... All are perfect. The best party I've ever had this month. What can be better than spending your time with all your sweet hearts? They are your best of best friends in the whole wide world. Following after this is a bunch of photos on my 18th Birthday.

An over view of the table. I add Ratatouille as a special treat in the appetizer. Epigto seemed to have like 2 dishes of it.

My Birthday Cake
This is my birthday cake, my official birthday cake. It was made of brownies, cereal, choco pie, madeline, Hershey white chocolate.
Kaki Furai - Deep Fried Oysters


Mashed Potatoes


Pumpkin Potage

BerryChan's Dish
Broccoli Christmas Tree

Here comes the Mouse, the Mosquito, the Cow and the... Berry!
Berry & Moo Moo

Moo Moo & Epigto

Moo Moo & UzUz

Moo Moo & Berry

Moo Moo - Uzuz - Berry

Berry & Uzuz

Epigto & Uzuz

Epigto & Uzuz

Moo Moo & Uzuz

Moo Moo & Epigto

Uzuz & Epigto

Uzuz & Berry

Moo Moo & Berry


Moo Moo




Moo Moo

Moo Moo



Moo Moo & Berry

Moo Moo & Berry

Berry - Epigto - Uzuz - Moo Moo

Berry - Moo Moo - Epigto - Uzuz

Berry - Moo Moo - Epigto - Uzuz

And some bonus, he he:
BerryChan the Strawberry

Uzuz the Mouse

La Vache Quirit the Moo Moo

Epigto the Mosquito

Which dress should I wear on my 18th Birthday Party?