Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Collection from Uz's Thrift Shop!


New sweater $15 AND the dress $15

This coat is awesome! $30
Button up!!!

Pink Cardigan $20

Set Dress & Scarf $35

Elegant Top $15

Beanie $10

Tiny Scarf $2

Beanie again $7

Set Beanie & Scarf $10

This is a men sweater. $20

A crop top? Not sure. S15

So fuzzy and warm!!!! $35

This coat included 2 styles! $30

Beanie!!! $5

NOTE: Credit goes to me!
All the stuffs are not really for sale unless the price you offered is higher than the price written.
For member of 7Club, all these stuffs are FOR SALE. You can buy all these stuffs with the same prices as written under each items.
For Cream, Cheese, Milk, you should wait until the 7Club Game Show for cards of discount. 3rd prize gains 30% off, 2nd prize gains 50% off and 1st prize gains 80% off. Also, there are more stuffs which will be displayed during the festival.   
Please don't claim or use the photos as yours.
Happy Shopping or Window Shopping!!

Oops, almost forgot, $ = Dollar

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