Monday, January 14, 2013

I drew that, didn't I? WHAT?!!!

I can't believe how fast the time goes. It's been over a year. Mommy was cleaning the storage while I found these stuffs. Those were all my sketches, my stories, my designs... I even found some of my dream house sketches. But, the most surprising item must be this picture. It was sketched Yuuhi Wakaru, one of the main character in my novel Passing By.
Yuuhi Wakaru in Passing By
At first, I thought this picture was belonged to Berry. Yes, she was my artist. But there was a tiny signature on the top left and that signature belonged to me. Well, I drew this picture. I still can't believe now.

Right, it must be me who drew that picture. I never draw fingers and the remaining eye. I can't believe my eyes. I drew this picture, didn't I? How can I be that good at drawing? I can't even draw now. This must be the result of giving up drawing for so long.

Looking at this picture makes me think again about my future. I know I'm not good as drawing as Berry but I still want to try. I want to draw my own story. Languages are just something people thought I'm good at. I love languages but I also love drawing. Do I want to start it all over? I haven't drawn for too long and my novel hasn't finished chapter 1. There are so much to concentrate now.

I still can't believe I'm the one who draws Yuuhi. OMG!

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