Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year Resolutions

I don't have much time to truly spend because the college final exam is closer than ever. It means that I have a lot of time to waste then and after that. I've just walked 1/8 the road. Holly Crab!

Living in the moments is what I used to be. Now? I just wasting time in college learning nothing but receiving many meaningless things. I sat in my class, wondering what the hell am I doing here? Learning what? 6th grade English which more than 4/5 of my class don't even understand at all. That's how the country got such terrible English teachers. Don't get me wrong. Yeah, I know students who didn't come from big city can't speak and learn real English. Because in their mind, they're stuck with the Trash Language which they were forced to learn in high school. They come to big city and attend big college in order to improve themselves. But poor they... this college only teaches Trash Language.

I've been wasting a lot of time since I got into this College. I truly regret. You know. I should have been there, learning to paint and attend University of Art. I should have been a fashion designer or just a tailor. Not sitting here, listening to Trash Language, waiting for it to destroy my English. What am I doing with my life? Is this the Cow I have to pass it away? I think I go the right way now. That's exactly the cow, one of many cows in me.

Here are my new year resolutions:
1. Master Japanese.
Languages seem to be my life now. Ok, fine. I'll go that way. I'm learning Japanese really hard now and I'll plan to reach the top of the class.
2. Get a job in teaching English.
Right, I'm 18 years old now. I should have found a job. After Tet Holiday, it's the right time. The moment when prices go up.
3. Finish Passing By (at least 2 chapters)
I always dream to do this. I will I will.
4. Stop making new friends with same age people.
I want to move, not to stand still. Younger and Older people are best choices for me now.
5. In the end Tet Holiday, check again if I still want to be a tailor or a writer, must do this. If yes, step 6. If no, step 7.
6. If yes, quit school. Don't care about anyone else. This is MY LIFE.
7. If no, stay the same and enjoy. I must feel a lot better then.
8. Earn money by using methods from the book for girls.
Time for crafting.
9. Draw some Drafts for Passing By
10. Learn to knit!

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