Tuesday, January 1, 2013

...And welcome the New Year 2013!!!!

It's finally here, the New Year's Eve Party that we always dream of. Don't talk much, just watch!!! A BUNCH OF PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Quick Look Back From Last Party

The Smile on our faces

The Gourmet Dinner we had

Just a bit of Suprises

Berry will take you to...


By a Little Magic in her Hand

The Stars Begin to Twinkle

The Memories was Shining

The Flame of Truth

Chill up the Oysters

The Mystery was in the FOG

Bring us a big bowl full of grilled Oysters

A Fish with Lemongrass

Coke to cheer our souls

Bitter Hot Dog to change the tastes

Fishes full of tiny eggs to begin

A bunch of random things to full our stomaches

Finish off with the grilled marshmallow

And now we're have the strength to keep cooking



And feel the moments

Soup is good for our soul

So does Potato

It's was the best Party of all time

Epigto came with the firefly

Uzuz came with the stars

We lead MooMoo to the camp base

Share our time together

And let it fade

The onion doll reminds us one important thing

That between us, we missed one more person

Moomoo said we had missed the Berry

And she would find her

We sat down and made a wish

Then... Berry appeared!

She's like a Hope!

By the Midnight Magic, we were there...

In a moment of Joy

A moment of Love

A moment to Smile

A Moment for us

I Love You

Moomoo & Berry

You're my best friends

I also love you, my daughter

I'll sing you all a Lullaby!!!

And of course, more bonus Photos:

Cookie goes great with Cheese

Cookie goes great with Cream

Cheese goes great with Milk

Milk goes great with Cream

Cookie goes great with Milk

We all goes great with each others

That's why we make the best friendship in the whole wide world

We Love, We Laugh, We Live for Each Others

We save the cold world

We fill it with our friendship

We're everything needed for a Friendship Cake

We're everything needed for a cup of smoothie

Happy New Year!

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