Monday, January 28, 2013

(Recipe) The Chuz II

The Chuz II is all about Curry. Not the Indian traditional curry. This is the Chuz's Style of Curry.

The Chuz II

The Ingridients: (Serves 4)

What you'll need for this recipe!
You can also use curry powder for a lower price

- 1 Carrot
- 1 Radish
- Half a pack of baby corn
- 250gr Chicken
- 200gr Chips (or you can use potatoes as well)
- 2 medium size Onions
- Curry Powder or Curry Paste
- Aji-Quick for Vegan Soup
- 10g unsalted butter
- 3 tbsps corn starch

- 1 cup of rice

The Preparation:

Slice the Onions

Separated and put them in a bowl

Pour cold water to prevent bitten

This knife is great to cut carrot and radish

Slice them into bite-sized pieces

Use a normal knife to chop these baby corns

Add the water to the frozen chips

Slice the chicken and put the bones back into the fridge to cook something else

Now let's move to the cooking process

The Cooking Process:

In a pot, add some oil

Drain the onions

Stir fry till soften

Add the carrot and the radish

Add 1 tbspoon Aji-Quick

Drain the chips

Add to the pot

Add the baby corn

Add 1 tbspoon of salt

This is Curry powder, 1 tbsp is enough

200ml water to the bowl and 250ml to the pot

Stir it

Pour the curry to the pot and add 1/2 tbsp of pepper

Bring it to a boil on medium heat

Using unsalted butter

Add to the pot

3 tbsps corn starch

100ml water

Mix with the corn starch

Slowly add 1 tbsp at a time to the pot

Carefully stir it till thicken

The Result: 

There you go!

It goes great with rice but people prefer bread!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday home alone

Went on a date with Monkey. Hor hor. By the way, the food was amazing! Thanks a lot my dear friend :X I did enjoy a lot :X Too bad that I forgot to take a photo of the grilled egg...

Street food is awesome *cheer cheer* Somehow, I feel like loosing some weights after spending time hanging out with my Bffs and eating junk food even though yesterday I did eat a lot! 
Chicken & Pork Sticky Rice, only 13.000 VNĐ
This is what I call awesome: Grilled Octopus. Not takoyaki. 50.000 VNĐ. SOOO GOOD!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adding Labels!


It does take lots of time!

These Cups are for Smoothie

These Cups are for Soft Drinks

Eating Bowls

This tiny cups are for spices

The same things

Serving Bowls

Sweets Serving Bowls

Serving Plates

Holding Cups
Labels are from HERE

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Collection from Uz's Thrift Shop!


New sweater $15 AND the dress $15

This coat is awesome! $30
Button up!!!

Pink Cardigan $20

Set Dress & Scarf $35

Elegant Top $15

Beanie $10

Tiny Scarf $2

Beanie again $7

Set Beanie & Scarf $10

This is a men sweater. $20

A crop top? Not sure. S15

So fuzzy and warm!!!! $35

This coat included 2 styles! $30

Beanie!!! $5

NOTE: Credit goes to me!
All the stuffs are not really for sale unless the price you offered is higher than the price written.
For member of 7Club, all these stuffs are FOR SALE. You can buy all these stuffs with the same prices as written under each items.
For Cream, Cheese, Milk, you should wait until the 7Club Game Show for cards of discount. 3rd prize gains 30% off, 2nd prize gains 50% off and 1st prize gains 80% off. Also, there are more stuffs which will be displayed during the festival.   
Please don't claim or use the photos as yours.
Happy Shopping or Window Shopping!!

Oops, almost forgot, $ = Dollar

Which dress should I wear on my 18th Birthday Party?