Friday, March 15, 2013

Highlights of the week.

Recently, after going through such a tough time, I finally accepted the job that was given to me. I don't have to apply for a job, it just comes. I teaches English in Vietnamese for a young boy who is now in grade 7th. He's kind of nice, not naughty and makes a great listener. On my 2nd day teaching him, he asked me if I had ever had a physical punishment. I told him no, because no one can ever do such a stupid thing like that to me. I was protected by my family.

He told me that in his school, when he forgot to bring his notebook, the teacher will slap him in the face. I was like WHAT???!!! He said he'd been slapped in his face for 3 or 4 times because he forgot his notebook for the subject Music. I asked if he had told his parents. Well, he said no. He was afraid of something that he couldn't tell me. He couldn't tell his parents that he was being slapped because they would ask him why and the answer would not please them. He might be slapped in his face this time by his parents. This is how Vietnamese Family lives.

I said that you just can't be silent and let those f****** teachers slap you in your face. And then I realized, there was no law/rule in this country can protected him from those devils. His family was not on his side. He was left alone but didn't cry for help. He just told me because he thought I would understand him. I did.

I don't know whether I can live with this. I must tell someone. Someone must do something to help him. No one's been stood up and spoken up for this situations. They accepted it as a fact of life. A fact where TEACHERS CAN SLAP IN STUDENTS' FACES. 


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