Monday, December 24, 2012

What I've got for my 18th Birthday and Christmas from my BFFs

December 18th is my birthday. I'm eighteen years old now and what does that mean? It means I can get my motorbike driver license, I can get married, I can go to bar and club, I can drink alcohol, I can have a job,... How amazing!!!

On Wednesday, when I arrived at Moo Moo home, she gave me a present that I would be absolutely love. Here it is, a Maybeline Baby Lip Balm, colour Pink. I didn't believe how she could buy me such an expensive gift like that. But she did.
Maybeline Lip Balm
I don't often use cosmetics so I only have some. I've got a hot pink lipstick and an orange lip butter. This Lolita Pink is so Unique. I would love to try it on then I think I should save it until Tet Holidays. I'm afraid that it could be used up very fast. Right? Every girl should use lip balm everyday to keep their lips soft and attractive.  Hehe!!!

And for Christmas, Moo Moo gave me this nourishment cream. I love Moo Moo. I should have a skincare routine.
Dove Nourishment Cream

My beloved BerryChan gave me a RING for Birthday!!!! :O I was like :O:O:O:O:O:O. She also gave me a bow as a Christmas Gift, I mean a little bow to put on your hair. I asked her whether she would propose me or I would say yes. We both laughed so hard. The teddy with the crown on his head makes this ring look so cute. I don't often wear jewelry either, I'll keep it in my safe and only wear it on special occasion.
BerryChan proposed me!!!

Teddy Ring & Hair Bow
I've been loving those bows for years but never bought one. Because I didn't want to waste any money buying things which I can make my own. However, I don't even make one for myself. Berry knew that, so she gave me a bow for my Birthday. Hopefully the bow won't come off when I wear.

Epigto is rich this year, I guess. She bought me a pink purse for Birthday and a pocket size massager. The best thing about the purse is that it was a limited edition. You know how I love limited edition things. Now my cards have a sweet home.
Pink Wallet
USB Mini Massager

 Okay, last year Moo Moo gave me a massage pen to use on my face. This year, Epigto gives me a mini massager. Am I that old? >:P This massage cup has a very special position, it makes Upin laugh all day. How wonderful is that.

I received two Christmas and Birthday cards from my BFFs. I also uploaded a Merry Christmas Card to all my friends. Happy Holidays, guy!!!

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