Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Passing By (A Novel) by Daikon

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Passing By

Because Everything is Endless…
When Time is Everlasting…
For Love is Permanent.

* Daikon *

The Sea, The Sand and The Stone
Here the story goes, a Crystal Stone embraced his Purple Sand with all the heart of his, in the sound of an old lullaby near the peaceful shore. When the sun rose up with the heave billows, the Stone slowly loosed his arms to let his beloved Sand observe the wide ocean but carefully not to lose her. He went crazily selfish wanting her to stay forever by his side.

The Tough Sea dashed in the shore, pushed away the Stone. It took the Sand with it on the journey to the Sea. Far from home, the Sand wonder would she be happy without her Stone? Because in the middle of the Sea, that tiny Purple Sand was nothing as if it had always been the Sea’s long term love game. The Sea came and suddenly took her away from the Stone but just before she could touch the bottom of the ocean, the Sea quickly sent her back to the shore. The Sand was back to where she’d started.

There’s one thing the Stone would never know unless his selfishness disappeared. His Sand wanted to be out there, where the whole world had just begun. She wanted the billows to take her to where miracles stops, the place which couldn’t be brought to her if she chose to stand still. The Stone was in the battle of his heart beats when the Sea tried to take his Sand one more time. That had become the wake up call.

The war between the Tough Sea and the Crystal Stone came to an end following one simple rule: Little Strokes Falls Great Oak. The Stone had lost his beloved Sand. The Sea proudly took his Sand and brought her to the ocean. But the Sea was Endless, wherever the Sand goes, she always found the way back to the shore. Time passed by but not the love for the Sand, standing the Stone waiting forever. That love is Permanent. Only the Sand could have been changed. 

And she came back from the Sea. Her Stone would smile and embrace her as if there were nothing happened. The Sea didn’t send any of his billows dashed in the shore. It’s finally come to the moment when the Sand realized what’s in her heart.

Once upon a time, there was lying a broken hourglass in the sand near the very tough sea.  As if, it was how the sand protected her Permanent Love.

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