Friday, December 14, 2012

My first shopping cart in December!

I went to Maximart with my mother on the first of December. That night was so great. Well, who am I kidding? The whole day is so great. In the morning, I'd been to the Graduation Ceremony and received my CPE & Tesol Certificates. Then we headed to the restaurant. The price is quite expensive but they'd served the dish called Roasted Cheese Oyster. It was so good. I'd got like two of them.
This tastes so GOOD!!!!

This is me!

Later that night, I pulled out everything I'd got from the supermarket.

I bought a lot of sweets!!!!
From left to right and top to bottom:
1. Fruit Rings: Kind of Cereal. It's from Sunny Select, not the usual Nestle which I've been eating for half a year. This cereal is better than the one from Nestle. It goes perfect with Vietnamese Ordinary Sweeten Milk. Also, the colours are so tasty.
2. 2 Bars of Candy: I bought these as a Christmas Gift for Sushi and Chíp. These girls are so cute and they deserve a sweet present for Christmas. I still keep these candies in the cupboard.
3. 2 Bars of Sour Punk: I prefer the red one. I saw these candies in the music video Synchronized last year and I always want to try those until now. The red one tastes so good. However, it's kind of small, unlike the one in the music video.
4. Chupa Chumps lollipop: Same old, same old. Come with a tiny useless toy.
5. Glinter: Bought this just for the bottle which can reuse.
6. Capri sonne: Since I found the Capri Sonne Backpack Tutorial, I've always thought of getting one pack to try. It tastes well but I don't like it.
7. Pocari Sweat: Next time, I'll buy Reveive
8. A Glass Bottle from Turkey: Christmas Gift for my aunt.
9. Santa's Long Legs Candies: This tastes perfect. Gotta get more for Christmas. It's a marshmallow.
10. Seven times Candy: Come in a medicine case. I love it so much. I bought another one on my second shopping cart and still eating now.
11. Poca Chips: Same old but come in XL size and stupid cover. 

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