Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I have my hair cut!

I took mama to the hairdresser in district 6. It was such a long journey from our little home. The bad news is I filled up the tank yesterday. So mama didn't have to pay for it this morning. The good news is, my hair turned out pretty nice. I guess...

Here's the final hair look like:
My Curly Hair

This has become the most surprised style ever. Since I tried to grow my hair as long as possible, it has ended up into straight hair. I love curly hair and I always want my hair to be so. But during high school, mama didn't let me do anything to my hair. When I finally left high school, I dyed my hair red and it actually became brown. Well, I let my hair grow a little bit and cut and grow and cut... The circle goes. 

Today, everything's changed. I have my hair cut and have it curled. It will remain those curls for at least 6 months. The price was quite cheap, only 12.5$. Due to my mom experience, this hairdresser is the best. Not only the price, but also the result. This is my first experience of this hairdresser, I just hope everything would turn out well. 

My hair is curly now. I should buy some new products to give my hair such good care. I should also plan a hair routine so that my hair won't get dry or damaged. For the next 3 days, my hair will change again and the final hair style will come to me. Can't wait to see it. 

Me sitting in the hairdresser

This is the new me!!

And A Bonus Picture of the Casual Uz:
Taking funny photo again!

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