Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elegant Eighteenth Birthday Party - A sneak peak!

Just 2 pictures I took with my poor little cell phone to share with you.

This is the table cover. Well, at Hachi Hachi, I can't find anything related to the Christmas Theme. Phew. At first, I want to buy a table cover in Red or Gold or White. But those covers I found in the supermarket were all over 5.00$. So, I head to Hachi Hachi Japanese Shop and got this one. It has a beautiful green colour as if I'm about to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
The second photo I want to share was taken on last Sunday. Last Sunday was the day I celebrate my birthday with my family which ended up with one 2 guests: my parents. I cooked all the food as a sample for this Saturday and all of them tasted incredibly amazing. Especially the pumpkin pottage.
From left to right and top to bottom: Kaki Furai, Seaweed Biscuit, Pumpkin Pottage, Broccoli Christmas Tree, Beef Dressing to go with the Mashed Potatoes. We drank 7up.

I'll update more pictures on the sneak peak (if I have time, hehe!)

Love ya,

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