Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Help me choose a dress for my Birthday Party!

Yesterday was my birthday - a day full of stupid tests. I'm eighteen years old now and the party is on this Saturday. I finally open a bank account. Soon, I'll have my own driving license. Ok, that's enough, let's get to the main point.

Recently, I have had many dresses to try on. I'm not a party girl so I don't have many chances to put on all of the dress. On my birthday party, I really want to wear a dress that fit me perfect. Here are 4 dresses that I've been loving and a beautiful sheer shirt. Which one should I wear?

The first dress is a Black Mini Dress, and it's strapless. I wore it once on my Tesol Graduation Day with a white blazer. Here's a look at it. This photo was taken after I got home from the graduation ceremony.
Strapless Black Mini Dress
 The good thing about this dress is that it fit perfect as if it was made for me. I'm getting hard finding a strapless mini dress which can fit me. When I bought it at the market, I didn't even try it on. How lucky I am. However, I don't feel like wearing the same dress again in such a big occasion and if I wear this dress, I need a cover up! Talking about cover up, I only have a white blazer!

The second dress is a red mini dress from Forever21. I saw it at the Crazy Sale Festival and I thought to myself: I do need that dress for Christmas. It was the only dress from Forever21 at the stall. This dress can also be worn to work in the future.
Forever21 Dress

Well, I tried it on at home and it's kind of loose. The size was XL and I thought mine should be L. It's quite large and the fabric makes me burned. If I wear this dress, hopefully it will be cold on Saturday. Winter in my city is really hot when it comes to twilight.

Next is the dress from a local supermarket. Mommy bought me this dress as a Christmas Gift. At first, I thought the colour of it won't suit me. But when I tried it on, it seems pretty good. It didn't go so bad as I expected.
This dress is tight! Although it says "L", I bet it should have been "M". It's very short so I'll have to put on my black tight if I want to wear this dress. Also, it reminds me of the dress which IU wore in one of her music video (You&I). This dress could be a different style for me. Changes is good, right?

The last dress was a gift from someone. One of my mother's friends took it from her daughter's closet and gave it to me because her daughter didn't need that dress anymore. She just bought it and left it in the back of her closet. This dress is originated from America and I have to say, the fabric is great.
The colour of it is so elegant. It's very long and sexy. I never have a dress like this before. I try it on and somehow, it fits me. The only problem is that I have to wear a strapless top under this dress and because it's too long, I might have to wear my Lolita shoes.

I also have this shirt as a birthday gift from my mom. This is the first time I have a sheer floral item in my closet. I really want to wear it on my birthday party but I don't have any skirt to go with it.
I want a simple black skirt to wear but I don't want to waste any more money on buying things which I may not reuse. How about wearing this shirt with black shorts? Or even the 1st dress?

What do you guys think about these items? Which one should I wear on my 18th Birthday Party? Check the bottom of this post to vote!

Love ya,

P.s: Clearly, I'm not a fan of Doom Day or what should I say... I don't want to talk about it! Please, don't mention it!

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Which dress should I wear on my 18th Birthday Party?