Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside Camp!

Yes, it's turning into a real camp. A real camp. There was a campfire, a sleeping bag, a camp ground, lights and lots of grilled food. We didn't even care about the decoration and chose to enjoy the camp the simplest way. We had food, 3 of us, a game show and lots of gifts. That's enough.

Rolled sandwiches!

Rolled Sushi!

Fried Brocolli

Milk is frying these rolls

The results :X

We brought the stove to the roof top.

Partyware and labels

So good!!!

The first grilled sticks...

There were a lot more

In the style of Cheese

All right, let's eat!!

The Game show, muwah ha ha ha

Milk win the 1st prize!

Those are what she's got

The stitches are awesome

So lovely!!!

Pom pom!!!


Giving season ;))

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