Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introducing Me!

Hello everyone who reads this blog, finds this blog in accident,...

My English name is Kara Annie Marion. I'm a 17-year-old girl who wants to be 18 as soon as possible. In book/story/novel written, you would find me as the name Daikon (means Radish). Daikon is my pen-name because I love how it pronouns and in fact, one of my favourite vegetables is Radish. In real life, my friends call me by using nick name Chuz, but in a shorter way: Uz. It might confuse everyone who first gets to know me.

My birthday is on December 18th. I was born in 1994 and in somehow, I got in college by the age of 17. As you know, Fall is the Back-to-School season. September is the moment when you say goodbye to your vacation, to all the stuffs you haven't finish yet. I went to school by the age of 5 when most of my friends were 6 because I was born in December. Until now, I'm a college student and I still can't open my bank account until I'm 18. It's also a problem for me to find a part-time job when all the companies can't hire employees under 18.

However, I love how I can always be something very little. In my previous Tesol class, my friends call me Little Mouse because I'm the youngest and somehow, the shortest. My darling also prefers the name Little Uz (Chuz/Uz means Mouse). My birthday falls into the most beautiful time of the year. I'm so excited when it comes to Christmas every year. But at Christmas Time, students have no holiday because we've got Tet Holiday which is a tradition. I should have said this a long time ago: Christmas is perfect and more meaningful than Tet Holiday. Nowadays, the tradition fell. Tet is when people gather only to receive lucky money. That's the fact.

About the Tesol course, yes, I took the Tesol course in the previous September. Tesol stands for Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages. I was trained by the age of 10 to become an English teacher in the future - following the family tradition. Mommy is a Physics Professor in University, in which I failed and got in other college. Papa is an engineer but in fact, he can do anything. He knows how to work with woods, iron, metal,... He's in a project of making Solar Energy for Daily-Use. I live in a family of 4 people: My mother, my father, my elder sister and me. My elder sister is 10 years older than me so it's really hard to find the similarity between us. She looks like our mom while I'm 100% like dad.

In my sweet home, there are four people: Parents, me and my aunt. My aunt has lived with us since my sister was born. She took care both of us and now, she took care of my sister's son - which is my nephew. Aunt is very kind but somehow, she is selfish. Next year, she will leave us and move in with her life time husband. Her husband is such a lucky guy to have her. My sister is now live in her mother-in-law's home with her little family. She rarely visits our home but the relationship between sibling is now stronger than ever. When someone left us, it's the moment when we realize how important that one was to us.

My skin is tan. That's the problem. The very big problem for me. My first blog is about the tan skin so I don't feel like mention it again. I'm 1m55 tall and weight as 51kg. I'm lazy and I don't work out much. But when I work out, I can do it better than any of my friends. My eyes are black as my hair. I dye my hair red but it fades as the time goes by. My skin is dry and my skincare routine hasn't started yet.

I'm a loner. I love being alone. I don't have many friends because I don't feel like making new friends unless it's necessary. I only have a few close friends and my lover. Berrychan, La Vache Quirit, Mosquito, Gen, Hye, Little Monkey,... and my lovely Weasel. I enjoy both the indoor and the outdoor but I've got a problem with leaves. Yes, the leaf. I'm kind of scared when the leaves touching me. The smell of a leaf also makes me sick.

I've got a lot of hobbies. I'm always in search of doing new stuffs. I can sew. I can swim. I can play badminton. I can draw. I can paint.... I often sing and record with Hye. I love making video clip and taking pictures. I have a novel and I've just finished writing the story line for it. I know how to make bracelets and other stuffs. I will soon learn how to knit. I don't want to waste any moments of doing nothing. By the way, I'm a game addiction. I play the Sims since I was a kid and until now, I can't stop playing the Sims 3 unless I have anything to do.

My favourite colours are brown, beige, red, violet, lavender, navy blue,... I love every colours. I love the sitcom How I Met Your Mother on StarWorld but I only watch on the internet. I never watch TV. About food and drinks, I love chicken most. I love vegetables and any kinds of drinks. However, I hate fruit. I want to become a vegan but I just can't stop eating fish and beef.  I love everything vintage and retro, back to the 80s. I just love it, so much.

My favourite quote: Live in the moments. The next time when I write this blog to you, I'll soon learn something new.

By the way: I'm a party animal :D (conflicts with Loner??? I just love throwing party)  

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